Gordie Center

for Substance Abuse Prevention

Medical Amnesty

University Medical Center, Emergency Room Procedures

If you suspect alcohol poisoning or have concern about an alcohol related injury, it is important to seek immediate medical care. Some students may be hesitant to seek medical attention for fear that University or Charlottesville police may be contacted. For this reason, the Gordie Center educates students on the emergency room procedures and provides flyers during outreach programs throughout the year. If a UVA student is seen in the emergency room for an alcohol related incident, police are NOT notified by Department of Student Health clinicians or ER staff. To summarize:

  • UVA DOES NOT notify police when a student is seen in the ER for alcohol related incidents.
  • Parents or guardians are NOT notified without student permission unless a situation is deemed life threatening or the student is under the age of 18.
  • Any 911 call from Grounds WILL result in automatic University Police response.
    • The officer’s primary emphasis is to provide assistance and see that the student receives emergency care.
    • On occasion, police follow up and investigation will take place if it is deemed necessary.
    • There will be follow up from the Dean on Call or AC.