Gordie Center

for Substance Abuse Prevention

Emergency Care

Guidelines for Emergency Care 

Use “PUBS” as a guide to the symptoms of alcohol overdose

  • Puking while passed out
  • Unresponsive to stimulation (pinch or shaking)
  • Breathing (slow, shallow or no breathing)
  • Skin (blue, cold or clammy)

If you see even one sign of alcohol overdose – Call 911

Guidelines for Obtaining Medical Assistance

  • Call 911 and identify yourself to the 911 operator.
  • State your problem and what you feel you need.
  • Give the specific location of the incident and the phone number.
  • Stay there until help arrives and call your RA or a sober friend.
  • There is no charge for services provided by the Charlottesville/Albemarle Rescue Squad.

DO NOT administer anything orally (food, coffee, water, etc.). It can induce vomiting.

DO NOT give the person a cold shower. The shock could cause the person to pass out and result in injuries.

DO NOT try to exercise the person. The person could fall and cause injury.

DO NOT try to restrain the person without (sober) assistance.

Alcohol emergency infographic 2015

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