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Drug Facts

"Do I have a drug problem?"

Is drug use harming your health or increasing your risk for other problems? can help you find out. Start by answering a few short questions about your past and present use of various drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, inhalants or alcohol. You'll get personalized feedback about the likely risks of your drug use.

Molly video HolstegeDr. Christopher Holstege, an expert in toxicology and Executive Director of Student Health at UVa, created a brief video describing the risks associated with "Molly," a drug also known as Ecstasy or MDMA.  Click on the image below to view the video.  

Marijuana (Cannabis)

Marijuana has negative physical and mental effects. Physical effects include elevated blood pressure, a dry mouth and throat, bloodshot and swollen eyes, decrease in body temperature and increased appetite. Frequent and/or long-time users may develop chronic lung disease and damage to the pulmonary system.

Use of marijuana is also associated with impairment of short-term memory and comprehension, an altered sense of time, and a reduction in the ability to perform motor skills such as driving a car. Marijuana use also produces listlessness, inattention, withdrawal and apathy. It also can intensify underlying emotional problems and is associated with chronic anxiety, depression, and paranoia(Source: National Insitute on Drug Abuse). More…