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Assisting Students in Distress

As a faculty member or teaching assistant (TA), your on-going relationship with students allows you to detect changes in an individual’s behavior that may signal a more serious problem. MORE...

Recognizing and Assisting Students in Distress Handout
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Curriculum Infusion

Curriculum infusion, an educational approach where social and health content is introduced into academic courses that do not traditionally address these topics, can be an effective way to address health promotion concerns. In the curriculum infusion model, faculty integrate health education into the fabric of their courses. Therefore, curriculum infusion can be used as a tool to support student reflection on their attitudes and behaviors in a wide array of health issues as well as to engage students in course learning objectives.

Sample class assignments, projects and syllabi which incorporate alcohol or other drug topics are provided below and are categorized by academic discipline.  Materials are provided with permission from the Network for Dissemination of Curriculum Infusion based at Northeastern Illinois University. MORE...