Gordie Center

for Substance Abuse Prevention

Marijuana 101

The online Marijuana 101 program utilizes a harm reduction approach and is designed to:

  • provide a confidential, non-judgmental, non-labeling environment to
    • assess personal risk from marijuana use
    • identify potential changes that could work for each student, and
    • help reduce risk for developing future problems.

The program uses a non-confrontational approach to encourage self-reflection and includes the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention for marijuana.  The course is consistently updated with the latest and strongest drug research available and personalized feedback is integrated throughout the interactive portions of the course.

The six lessons cover a variety of key issues such as marijuana dependence, effects of marijuana, mental health issues, synthetic marijuana, local laws and legalization issues, and legal penalties associated with use.

Students receive a confidential, personalized-feedback profile that summarizes marijuana-related use and negative consequences, compares individual use with UVa social norms, challenges personal expectations, and provides a range of strategies to quit or reduce use.

Students may be sanctioned to take the course by the University Judicial Council or encouraged to attend by one of the Deans on Call (as a result of an marijuana-related policy violation).  Marijuana 101 also may be taken by any undergraduate, graduate, and professional student at UVa who would like to learn how their marijuana use compares to others and to explore moderation strategies to reduce negative consequences.

Register for Marijuana 101 Program

Time Commitment

The Marijuana 101 program takes about three hours to complete and students may log in and out of the program as needed. The Marijuana 101 course includes a 15-minute follow-up survey 30 days after initial program completion.

Please note that it may take up to two business days to receive login information. Every effort is made to send information within 24 hours on week days.

What happens after a student completes Marijuana 101?

The only information shared with the referral source is whether the student completed the program by the assigned date.


Students who are sanctioned by the University Judiciary Committee must pay a recovery charge of $40, which is billed to the student's SIS account.


The Marijuana 101 program is completely confidential and is handled by a third party not affiliated with the University. NO ONE at UVa will have access to your responses, so please be honest in your survey answers so that you can be provided with useful feedback about how your behaviors compare to those of your peers.

An Evidence-Based Program

Marijuana 101 is an evidence-based program developed by 3rd Millennium Classrooms that includes the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention for marijuana (formerly e-TOKE).  

Maryland Collaborative to Reduce College Drinking and Related Problems. (2013). Reducing alcohol use and related problems among college students: A guide to best practices. Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD and the Center on Young Adult Health and Development, University of Maryland School of Public Health, College Park, MD.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the program, please email Melanie Tyree  or call 434-924-1509.