Gordie's Call

A national campaign to prevent alcohol abuse and hazing

Gordie's Call Key Initiatives

Supporting Gordie's Call-to-Action
April 1, 2016

The Gordie's Call National Campaign has a clear call to action: Make the Call. Save a Life. In support of that call to action, the Gordie Center staff has identified four key initiatives that will further the impact of Gordie's story, broaden the outreach of Gordie's Call, and raise the profile of Gordie's Call nationwide.

Gordie's Call Key Initiatives:

  • Updating the HAZE documentary to incorporate more recent information on hazing and alcohol overdose, ensuring the documentary remains a relevant tool on campuses today. Included in this project will be an updated facilitator's guide, to help institutions nationwide facilitate an effective HAZE program.
  • Developing a Gordie's Call resources package that can be sent free of charge to schools and institutions nationwide. This resources package will include samples of the GORDIEcheck BAC card, PUBS magnets, GORDIEcheck posters, and other resources available for purchase from the Gordie Center, and will introduce Gordie's Call to previously untapped audiences.
  • Creating a student-athlete specific GORDIEcheck BAC card, with information about the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs on athletic performance. This student-athlete GORDIEcheck card will serve as a companion piece to HAZE presentations for high school and collegiate athletic departments.
  • Performing in-person outreach to communities, schools, and institutions nationwide. On these site visits, a Gordie Center staff member will facilitate a showing of HAZE and meet with students/administrators to discuss ways to incorporate Gordie's Call into current programming efforts, and increase visibility of Gordie's lifesaving call to action.

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