Gordie Center

for Substance Abuse Prevention

Curriculum Infusion

The following information is posted with the permission of the Network for Dissemination of Curriculum Infusion (NDCI).  

Curriculum Infusion is the process of integrating substance abuse prevention content into courses across the curriculum. It is a very effective strategy for reaching students at commuter colleges and universities where students' busy lives leave them little time for extracurricular activities, including drug and violence prevention programming.

Using the Curriculum Infusion Program:

Below are links  to compilations of college courses that can incorporate Curriculum Infusion:

Behavioral and Social Sciences Classes

- Research Methods in Social Sciences
- Chemical Dependency and Addiction
ss( ex. Sociology 370 - Deviant Behavior)
- General Psychology
- Social Psychology

English and Communication Classes

- Freshman Composition
- Honors Composition
- Family Communication
- Panel Assignment for Group Communication

Health Sciences Classes

- Prevention and Care (First Aid)
- University Level Health Course
- Alcohol Education and Family living


- Elementary Statistics

Fine Arts

- Dramatic Art


- History
- Philosophy

Business Management

- Organizational Behavior