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BASICS Program

The Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) program utilizes a harm reduction approach and is designed to:

  • provide a confidential, non-judgmental, non-labeling environment to
    • assess personal risk,
    • identify potential changes that could work for each student and
    • help reduce risk for developing future problems.

Any UVa undergraduate, professional or graduate student may complete the BASICS program  to learn how their alcohol use compares to others and to explore moderation strategies to reduce negative consequences.  Students may be sanctioned by the University Judicial Council or encouraged to attend by one of the Deans on Call (as a result of an alcohol-related policy violation). 

Register for BASICS Program

The BASICS program consists of an online survey and a meeting to discuss your results.  Once you register, you will receive an email within two business days from SDSU eCHECKUP TO GO Programs.  This email will include a link to the online, confidential survey. 

Survey:  The confidential survey takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, and will ask questions about your alcohol consumption patterns, history and related issues.

Meeting: At the end of the survey, you will be given a link to schedule an online appointment to discuss your results with a trained BASICS facilitator.  It is strongly recommended to schedule your appointment within three weeks of completing the survey.  The meeting will last about an hour, and you can check in at the front desk of the Gordie Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention, located in the lower level of the Elson Student Health Center (400 Brandon Avenue).  In this meeting, students receive personalized information about their alcohol use and how it compares to other UVa students’ use.  Students have the opportunity to explore ways to reduce future health, social, and legal risks.  Any protective strategies or reduction goals are selected by the student, not the facilitator.

Confidentiality  All information within the BASICS session is kept confidential between the student and the facilitator.  However, if a student indicates an intention to harm his/herself or others or a court order is issued, information may be disclosed as required by federal, state or local law.

What happens after a student completes BASICS?  At the conclusion of the BASICS meeting, the BASICS facilitator may provide recommendations for other university and community services that may be helpful.  A consent form can be provided if the student would like completion information shared with another source, but this is not required.

Cost  Students who are sanctioned by the University Judiciary Committee must pay a recovery charge of $50 which is billed to the student's SIS account.  For all other students, the cost is free.

There is a $25 cancellation charge billed to a student's SIS account if a student misses, cancels or re-schedules an appointment without at least 24 hours advance notice.

An Evidence-Based Program  The University of Virginia’s BASICS program is based on a program created by Dr. Alan Marlatt, former Professor of Psychology and Director of the Addictive Behaviors Research Center at the University of Washington. The BASICS program is one of the most effective evidence-based alcohol education interventions with college students. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) has recognized BASICS as an evidence-based model program.

Contact Us  If you have any questions about the program, please email Melanie Tyree or call 434-924-1509.